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Healing Union Retreats

Women's bodies
women's stories

05.31. - 06.02.
HI Hekate

May 31st - June 2nd 
at Hi Hekate

Lead by: Zsófia Antónia Gál MD

Retreat Cook: Gyöngyvér Szabó

There are countless stories we carry. From our experiences, our ancestors or our environments. When women come together these stories emerge, we listen, we share, we ask curiously. 

Often the body, in its own way, tells more than words can. Its posture, its scars, its shape, its reactions, its movement. It is said in many traditions that our bodies carry our stories, even the ones we do not recall or regard to be significant. 

'One woman's story, is every woman's story.' These stories are meant to be shared. There’s potent medicine in both sharing and witnessing. We have a lot more of them in common than we can imagine. 

This weekend is dedicated to honouring our bodies and all these stories they carry. We will take time to replenish our own and each other's well by holding space for one another - through different modalities.

We will be inviting our bodies to explore what it has to tell through movement, rest, physical touch, different tastes.
Each morning we will journey within through restorative yoga, acupuncture, free movement or morning pages. Then afternoons spent crafting with clay, preparing herbal folk medicines with our hands or sitting in the sauna, will serve as opportunities for us to gather in a circle and hold space for our stories. 

Zsófia Antónia Gál is a GP Resident Doctor and a yoga teacher. She continually keeps widening her studies of the body and the way it functions. Besides her exploration in the medical field, she has been learning about traditional medicines and yogic sciences for almost a decade. At her retreats she intends to curate a space for connection to ourselves, nature and each other - that she believes are pivotal for us all in these times.  

Gyöngyvér Szabó is a home cook and recipe developer practicing a somatic approach to nutrition. Led by curiosity and technical knowledge, she spent the last ten years building a cuisine that's plant-forward, tasty yet relaxed. Living with a chronic metabolic disease herself, she'll help us explore the experience of safety and full-body presence at the table. Her motto is: "A little bit of everything, please!"

Participants: 10 people
Fee: 330€


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