It’s Zsófi here. I am a medical doctor a certified yoga teacher, and a reiki practitioner - however I would rather tell you more about my story than my certifications.

founded by Zsofia Antonia Gal

The Story

I was determined already in kinder garden to follow my mother’s footsteps (who is to this day my biggest inspiration) to become a medical doctor.

I have always been fascinated by the human body and mind.

I have personally experienced that imbalances causing dis-ease in the body were always coming from a division - from the self, nature or others. 

As years have passed it became clear to me how deeply our lifestyle and mindset affects our body.

I believe in the power of sovereignty on the journey of healing, bringing ourselves back to balance on all planes - where innate healing can take place. Healing in union with nature.

I became an advocate of uniting healing practices to go far beyond alleviating symptoms.

your dreams are in your head for a reason, let's bring them to reality together

let's walk the healing journey together



I am a passionate lover of the little things in life, good food, nature, dancing, and watching sunsets. 
I believe true healing lies in the living the little moments to the fullest.

You can heal yourself.
Are you willing to?