'Postpartum Bodies - deserve ceremonial tending.'


After diving into the restorative practices and learning all about the body  in medical school over time has ultimately guided me to postpartum care.

During a woman's life, the transition into motherhood is the period when taking exquisite care of her is crucial and should be the norm especially now as so little attention is put on rest and nurturing in our everyday lives.

Motherhood was never meant to be experienced in an individual family unit, rather in a collective community.

The mother is in her most receptive state in her first 40 days postpartum - it's our time to give - nutrient and love filled home cooked meals, tender touch, helping hands, healing herbs.

 'Nurturing the new mother is one of the most foundational pillars of society. The support of the life giver, and in the turn the new life must be nourished, held, supported and healed.'

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