the creative art of living

‘The Creative  Art of Living’ is a return home to ourselves. It is the unfolding of all the layers of dreams, fears, emotions hidden within, waiting for us. It is a gentle opening to our deepest desires and a firm embrace and creation of a life true to our authentic selves.   

A 12 week long pilgrimage towards the self

what's included?

12 group gatherings taking place once a week over zoom, including 7 workshops with Zsofi + 2 with guest teachers + 3 community circles

Community chat over Whatsapp to keep each other up to date

Discounted opportunity to work 1:1 with me for the duration of the course

*Everything will be recorded and available for replay for 4 months in total

When will it take place?

We begin on the 11th of September

The rest of the call dates can be found below

Workshops will take place on Sundays CEST 9.30-11.00am 

Month 1 - The Foundation

Coming together with our community and setting our intentions for the journey ahead

Week One, Sept 11

Tapping into the role of the body and mind connection through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, getting to know the symbolism of the 5 elements.

Traditional medicines regard the body, mind and nature as inherently connected. We will explore the spectrum of emotions, their cycles and expression through the 5 elements. 

Week Two, Sept 18

Extracting the nectar of our creative energy through Human Design, with our guest teacher and expert, Emmie Rae.

Human Design is the art of reading your unique energetic signature. This session will help you not only to embrace your intuitive way of creating but also give you practical tools on how you can make the most of your gifts. 

Week Three, Sept 25

Community Sharing

Week Four, Oct 04

Month 3 - The Expression

Month 2 - The Nourishment

Month 2 - The Nourishment

Opening up to receive through deep rest, diving into our depths through restorative yoga and guided meditation.

Restorative yoga is a kind of yoga focusing on guided deep relaxation. It can be considered a reminder of how it feels to soften, to take up space while being held tenderly. 

Week Five, Oct 09

The art of touch, rediscovering and rejuvenating our bodies through an oily self massage ritual of the traditions of Ayurveda.

The body will be the map of exploration. You will be guided along the main meridian lines, introduced to some dominant trigger points and release tension from the facial muscles. 

Week Six, Oct 16

Calling in 'the ones who protect us', connection to the world of plants and herbs, introducing the practice of deep nourishment on the daily basis.

Week Seven, Oct 23

Break Week

Community Sharing

Week Eight, Nov 01

Month 1 - The Foundation

Month 3 - The Expression

Clearing out our leftover blockages and tapping into our personal expression through Kundalini yoga. 

Kundalini yoga is a yogic science working on 10 energetic bodies instead of only the physical one. It is a tool used for thousands of years for subconscious reprogramming.

Restorative yoga is a kind of yoga focusing on guided deep relaxation. It can be considered a reminder of how it feels to soften, to take up space while being held tenderly. 

Week Nine, Nov 13

Holding space for the creative life force of our feminine side to awaken through a Taoist breast and ovary massage.

In Taoist traditions our life force is told to reside in our sacral area, connected to our reproductive organs and the kidneys. This ancient massage ritual will get you in touch with that essence.

Week Ten, Nov 20

Allowing the body to go with the flow, intuitive movement class with our professional dancer guest teacher, Bettina Jurák

Week Eleven, Nov 27

Final Community sharing

Week Twelve, Dec 06

Month 3 - The Expression

Month 2 - The Nourishment

Month 1 - The Foundation

Our weekly themes

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.”

The inspiration for this course has come from the book called 'The Artist's Way' written by Julia Cameron. This book includes a 12 week long journey of reconnecting to the artist within. In this course we will use the book as our guide and hold bookclub like sharing circles. Moreover, the weekly workshops will serve us all to support ourselves on this journey. Different modalities as Ayurveda, Human Design, Restorative yoga, Massage Rituals and Intuitive movement will be explored to help us to connect deeper to our own personal ways of creation. 

Further Information

Are you ready to join us?

The full price of the course is 240 euros.

You can choose to opt for a payment plan over 3 months - paying 90 eu/ month.

There is also an option to join a workshop one by one for the price of 24 eu each. (Taking place on Sunday mornings, see the schedule above for exact dates)

You can join in once a month for a  community share on the book for 20 eu each. (Taking place on Tuesdays, see the schedule above for exact dates)

Payment options: pay the full price by card through the above button.

The other payments are to be done via a bank transfer, please email me through the address below for these requests.