Healing Union Retreat

2 nights, 3 days at HiHekate Meditation center

3 meals a day + delights
Morning ritual daily
Daily self care routines based on TCM, Ayurveda and more
Soulfood workshop on culinary arts
Traditional healing methods workshop on TCM and Ayurveda
and much more;)

+ optionally 1 night and day for integration in silence without organised workshops

About Inner Metamorphosis

Inner Metamorphosis

JULY 1-4th

A new retreat is on the horizon. In the transformative, burning summer heat that helps our inner metamorphosis.

What's included?

An awakening of the senses, sacred sister and brotherhood, our inherent connection to nature and our bodies. Zsófi brings together her passions of self discovery, intuitive movement, breath work, traditional holistic healing methods, creating soul nourishing meals and rituals - in a safe, sacred sanctuary, HiHekate that feels like a protective womb located in the breathtaking Balatonfelvidék.

You can book your spot with an extra gift this week only!


Your contribution

3 days -  DISCOUNT from the Newsletter can be used IF booked before 11th May

3 days - 270eu if booked after 11th May

+ 1 day of integration -75eu

*Booking is done by paying minimum half of the contribution

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