Are connected to your body?
Are you connected to nature?

Are you taking care of your health? 

Reconnection in the time of isolation, a healing union with yourself, nature and others


Healing union is a platform created for the discovery and embodiment of the totality of your being.

Zsófi, the founder and creator of Healing Union has created this collection of healing modalities to give you a chance to actively take care of and discover yourself on a deeper level from the comfort of your home!

Zsófi unites healing modalities of Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pranayama, yoga, meditation and neural subconscious rewiring techniques - infused with her insights and personal experience. 


What are the options?

This is prerecorded online course that dives into self discovery through Ayurveda, Traditional Indian medicine. Includes: 3 workshops and 4 mini videos on ayurvedic morning rituals, abhyanga self massage, meal ideas and spices - optional gift box available with all the necessary tools for the rituals and recipes 

recordings of 3 deeply restoring classes allowing you to relax, come back to the body, give yourself space and time to just be, melt into the moment

3 restorative classes

Ayurveda course

About your Mentor

Zsofi with a Sun placement in Aries is feeling as motivated and passionate as ever to step on this healing journey together with you now!

Healed Souls

"Zsofi truly embodies freedom coming from surrendering to life. She is so driven and therefore disciplined in her self growth and also so full of soft feminine love. She passionately helps you to step out of your comfort zone in the best way possible. Though seeing myself in her I truly discovered my beauty my light, passion and divinity. I love how she deeply loves and creates connection between women and how to make it magical. Because our energies are so valuable. She empowers everyone to shine their light and so we together create an frequency higher I could have ever imagined. And by the way she‘s an amazing cook! I love her creating a magical experience by thinking about every detail. She‘s just an angle. I love her so deeply"

- Franzi N.

Healed Souls

"...Az ajurveda kurzus számomra megfogalmazhatatlanul pozitív élmény volt..segített hogy megtaláljam a saját utam! Az a mély és őszinte kapcsolódás amit átélhettem Veled és a többi csodás nővel, a sok tudás amit elnyerhettem Tőled..hálás vagyok érte! Imádtam a közös táncolásokat, a közös feladatokat, hogy egyre jobban megismerhettük egymást és jól érezhettük magunkat.
Őszintén nagyon hálás vagyok azért, hogy mindezeket átélhettem és megtapasztalhattam. Csodálatos vagy és tényleg nagyon, nagyon köszönök Neked mindent!!"

- Gréta Sz.

Healed Souls

Én azt szeretem a munkásságodban nekem az jut eszembe, hogy sokoldalú. De a jó értelemben :)
Nagyon sok olyan téma foglakoztat, ami szerintem sokunkat.
Meg eszembe jut a szabadság.
A természet.
A növenyek, az illatok.

- Stefania M.

Invest In Your Healing

EUR 22
HUF 8000

EUR 75
HUF 27000



EUR 44
HUF 16000

3 restorative yoga classes

Ayurveda course

Ayurvedic gift box

Do you still have questions?

How can I access the course?

Once you purchase the course of or the classes you'll receive the link to the private youtube videos. 

For how long am I able to access the videos?

The videos can be watched in your own pace, I'll keep them uploaded.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes message me privately and we can arrange it for you!


Zsófi offers a personal guidance using different healing modalities focusing both on the mind, the body and the habits. She uses her experience as a medicine student, a yoga teacher and practitioner for over 5 years.
She is devoted to self discovery and is dedicated to sharing what she has learned with others committed to heal.

One on one healing guidance